What do you mean by Barabri?

“Barabri” is logan of Barabri Party and means EQUAL ACCESS for everyone, to the resources and  opportunities offered by our country.

What is 99%?

Middle class and working class make 99% of Pakistan, they produce 100% wealth of our country but their share in wealth is less than half and a very big portion of this population live without access to education, health and other basic necessities of life just due to un equal distribution of wealth.

What is 1%?

These are elite(Ashrafia) of country. They include Big land lords, business and industry owners. They are enjoying the fruit of hard work of 99% Pakistanis and keeping then poor and ignorant. These are the people who are sitting in our National and provincial assemblies and making laws which benefit them and their relatives.

Do you want to take Land and Industry by force and nationalize it.

No, we do not believe in nationalizing land and Industry but we do believe reducing the difference in very rich and very poor by stopping the exploitation of poor and helpless people by enforcing the reforms in the prevailing laws.

FAQs (Administrative)

How you will manage education?

Education is not a business commodity. Education is very vital for any nation and a very serious matter. Education must be treated as basic right and is responsibility of the state and should be provided free of cost.

Education in our country is unfocused and of very poor quality. For many decades focus of the world has changed to technology and vocational training. Where as in our country it is ignored grossly. It must be addressed immediately.

What is your policy about health?

Health care is need of every human being and it should not be an enterprise opportunity.

Health care both physical and psychological as well as old age care should be responsibility of the state and must be provided to every citizen as an entitlement.

What is your policy about health?

How you will handle food and water.

Keeping the food affordable and access to clean water is responsibility of the state. Our Elite class is making a lot of money by manipulating laws regarding food such as sugar and atta. Rather their character is just as a mafia, big cartels are making lot of money by hording and monopolizing. These cartels must be broken down. To reduce the prices of food, raw material of agriculture such as diesel, electricity, medicines, sprays, fertilizers and agricultural machinery should be produced locally and should be Tax free or if and when possible subsidized.

We have huge loans and huge trade deficit, how to correct that?

Loans are only good if invested wisely, building roads but ignoring industry proved very unproductive. We can only pay loans by heavily taxing the rich because poor and middle class is already taxed to the maximum.  Energy crises must be handled on emergency basis and energy prices must be brought down, to boost our agriculture and manufacturing industry, which will boost our export and thus reduce the trade deficit.

We have huge deficit of electricity, how to solve that?

Electricity production and distribution is monopolized, through exclusive licenses. License holders such as Wapda, K-electric, Bahria Town are unable to meet the need. Many private producer are blackmailed for bribe through clever manipulations of laws and not allowed to sell electricity directly it to public.  About 60,000 MW potential hydroelectric capacity is available but electricity production and distribution policy needs complete overhaul to take any benefit from that opportunity. Private public partnership with transparent policies is key to handle this problem.

How to handle unemployment?

Most of the employment is provided by private sector, Government can only provide limited vacancies. Agriculture is a big employment sector and government is holding a lot of land which is lying idle. That land should be immediately put under cultivation by giving lease to small farmers. Most of the banks are owned by Pakistani Elites and they have made such laws which give them maximum profit and they charge high interest rates on loans even though all the money in the banks belongs to the people of Pakistan but 99% do not have access to that money. Interest rates must be controlled and loans for small business   must be available on easy terms. Government must develop industry with public private partnership, if managed properly it will immediately reduce unemployment and poverty. Recent successful example is Chinese industry.

Why transport is government responsibility?

Government build roads for public facilitation but these road should be built as per demographic needs not because an MNA want to take the road to his village. Similarly if transport in any area is not profitable then  Government must provide transport to improve the quality of life in remote areas. Government should also be responsible to provide transport to school children, old people and poor.

Railway is most important mode of transport which can provide cheap transportation under government sector. Immediate attention is required to lay new tracks and maintain railway as cheap means of transportation and means to control prices of transport in private sector.

Handling Security or tahafuz?

Security is total responsibility of the state. Law and order should be such that people should not need to hire security guards and body guards. If elite class is removed from power, with them organized crime such as land grabbing mafia, housing mafia, bahta mafia, crime rate will come down because organized crime is supported by these people in power. Unorganized crime can be handled by law enforcement agencies. Private armed organisations should be strictly banned and dismantled.

How to handle delay in justice system?

Except few cases most of the civil, traffic and criminal cases can be decided quickly. Only problem is that delay in justice is biggest trick to protect favorite criminals and offenders. Laws are made in such a way that a influential person can easily delay the justice for decades and frustrate the victim. Justice delayed is justice denied. Delayed justice opens many doors of corruption as well. Delaying tactics loop holes can easily be identified and closed as in any developed country.

How to stop Corruption in government departments?

Corruption is the biggest tool in the hand of Pakistan elite. Politician sitting in the parliament promote corruption intentionally. They install corrupt government official  at important posts who protect their corruption and in turn they protect them and allow them to make money what ever means they can use. Most of the government official corruption money is collected  in shape of pools which is later distributed and thus corruption is organized crime in Pakistan. Which can be only handled from the top. If people’s representative are not corrupt then organized corruption will be finished immediately and proper accountability can handle minor corruption.

How to maintain real democracy?

Democracy in Pakistan is by name only and in a very corrupted from. People choose their representative every five years and these representative can do what ever they like for next five years. They are not concern with people’s problems and all laws are made in such a way that they can be easily used for corruption and making money. So much so that previous rulers exhausted all the resources and took heavy loans and heartlessly removed that money to foreign accounts. Pakistani rulers are elected dictators. Power must be transferred to every level of government, specially at local level. Guarantee of democracy is only through the empowerment of institutions and devolution of power. Previous Governments concentrated power in few hands and weaken the institutions. A very important institution of local government is made nearly useless and controlled by giving funds to MNAs and MPs.

How you will reduce poverty?

Minimum income should be brought up as much as possible to reduce the uneven distribution of wealth. Minimum income is the key element in reducing poverty. Presently minimum income can be doubled easily and with proper planning can be increased even more.

Providing free education, health, old age care, access to clean water and cheap housing are major elements which can improve the life of common Pakistani and will reduce poverty immediately.

Where you will get all this money to pay for free education, health and cheap housing?

More than half of the GDP is under the control of 1% persons and they are using all this money on unproductive luxuries. Only a small percentage of this money can pay for free health and education. Tax reforms can easily get this money. After independence, education and health was nearly free and easily available until late 70s. Progressively it was turned into big business on the cost of common Pakistanis. As far as housing is concerned, take out land mafia and middle man, regulate the housing and banking, each Pakistani will be able to get his own home within very short time. Banking reform can bring cheap loans in the approach of every Pakistani.

If we increase minimum wages, no investor will come to Pakistan.

Investor only come to a country to make profit and more profit they do not have any sympathy with the country. We should only allow investment, which are benefit to the country, such as manufacturing industry. Consumer based investment is harmful for country’s economy. Allowing fast foods and foreign luxury brands will destroy local entrepreneurs and cause to take the foreign exchange out of country needlessly. Pakistan is a big country with a very big market, if security and corruption is controlled,  manufacturing industry will happily pay reasonable wages as they will calculate it before making the investment.

Foreign Affairs?

Prosperity of any country is attached with peace within and with its neighbors. Pakistan must pay attention to all potential sources on conflict and actively remove them. Which includes Durand line border with Afghanistan, Sur creek and Kashmir with India. Pakistan must engage in dialogues with Afghanistan and India to resolve these matters. Matter of Kashmir is very serious and sensitive and it must be solved according to the wishes of Kashmiris. That is the only way for lasting peace. Pakistan is nuclear power and arm conflict should be the last option. Pakistani defense must be strong enough to handle aggression and adventurism of any country.

Role of Armed forces in Government?

Role of Armed forces is clearly defined in our constitution. Pakistan Armed forces and related agencies are acting in the best interest of country and they must be supported and financed properly. There are many armed groups operating within the country and carrying out terrorist activities which are beyond the civil government’s ability to handle. Internal security of the country is responsibility of civilian government, if handled properly then armed forces can relieved from such duty and concentrate to the defense of the country.

Do you think there is need for new provinces?

Province, division, district and tehsils are administrative units created by government for better administration. Previous government spent money on uneven development and ignored certain areas, which caused restless in that area and thus demand for new provinces. If development is planed and carried out evenly and then there is any requirement of a new administrative unit then it should be made on merit.